Brucella-induced large abdominal aortic mass disguised as an aneurysm: A case report

Huilan Liu, Yutong Zhang, Ming Wang, Xiaomei Leng, Yunjiao Yang, Xiaofeng Zeng

Background: Brucellosis, a zoonotic disease, is prevalent in many areas. It can involve any organ system and has been implicated in protean complications, resulting in high morbidity. Cardiovascular involvement is the main cause of mortality. There is no doubt that aneurysms pose threat to life, but sometimes we need to distinguish between true and false aneurysms. The case that Brucella-induced large mass around the aorta disguised as an aneurysm was intended to raise the awareness of differential diagnosis.

Case presentation: A case was reported regarding a female presented intermittent abdominal pain. Two months later, she was admitted to the Department of Rheumatology and Immunology in our hospital due to high inflammatory markers, the large periaortic mass, like a result caused by a ruptured aneurysm. By detailed examination, Brucellosis was highly suggestive based on positive blood cultures. After antibiotic therapy of half a year, no discomfort has ever occurred, and the mass was prominently reduced.

Conclusion: The clinical manifestations of brucellosis are protean. For those without fever and with aneurysm-like mass around the aorta, it is recommended to comprehensive analysis and carry out the relevant differential diagnosis to avoid misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis.