Needs of patients with hemophilia: Suggested clinical pathway

Shaimaa Raafat Ali

Patients with hemophilia have physical, psychological and social needs, therefore the aim of the current study is to explore needs of patients with hemophilia and suggest clinical pathway for these patients. To fulfill the aim of this study an exploratory descriptive research design was utilized. A purposive sample of 30 patients with hemophilia was selected over a period of 3 months from hematology units in a governmental hospital. Two tools were utilized (I) personal and medical data, (II) needs of patients with hemophilia. The study findings revealed that 43.3% of the studied patients had hepatitis C virus and 26.6% of them had deformity in the shape and functions of knees joints. Only 6.7% of the studied patients received information about their disease from heath team members. 90% of the studied patients mentioned that; the medical team did not receive them when they were admitted to the hospital and all them didn't receive hospital orientation, did not engage in their treatment plan and did not perform any kind of exercises and 90% of them did not find the medical team when needed. 96.7% of the studied patients were not satisfied with the medical services provided to them. Based on the results of the current study it could be concluded that patients with hemophilia have physical, psychological and social needs. Application of clinical pathway may provide comprehensive care for patients with hemophilia.