Nursing Interventions for Infection Prevention in Postoperative Incisions of Gynecological Cancer Patients: A Critical Analysis

Yiqiao Xing

Gynecological cancer surgeries are commonly performed to manage and treat women with these malignancies. However, postoperative complications, particularly surgical site infections (SSIs), can hinder patient recovery and well-being. This article provides an analysis of the effects of infection factors and nursing care for postoperative incisions in gynecological cancer patients. Patient-related factors, surgical technique-related factors, and healthcare facility-related factors contribute to the development of SSIs. Effective nursing care measures include preoperative education, infection control measures, wound assessment and care, proper antibiotic administration, nutritional support, pain management, and emotional support. By understanding these factors and implementing appropriate nursing interventions, healthcare professionals can reduce the risk of SSIs and enhance the recovery process for gynecological cancer patients. Collaboration among healthcare providers is crucial to establish standardized protocols and guidelines for optimal postoperative care, improving patient outcomes in gynecological cancer surgery.