Which age group is peak for onset of diabetes among mid-adulthood urban population in West Ethiopia?

Alemu Adeba

Background: Diabetes mellitus is high in middle age and older; also studies argue age of 45 is an onset for diabetes, but which age group is peak season for onset of diabetes among middle aged is not answered, special in Ethiopia.

Objective: To investigate which age group is more risky for onset of diabetes among middle- age urban populations.

Design: Population based cross sectional method applied on 266 adults’ stratified with age group 41-48, 49-56 and 57-64 years. Selected communes were selected one randomly and the other one purposively. Representative samples were equally selected from the two communes.

Results: From 266 participants, 7.14% were newly diagnosed diabetes including pre-diabetes, of this the actual diabetes accounts 2.25%. Potential risks were evaluated in between 41-48 years (early-onset) and peak phase for onset of diabetes, 49-56 years (average-onset), 57- 64 (late-onset) of adulthood. Using cross tabulation, physical inactive, female, and alcohol associated with raised fasting blood sugar. In logistic analysis raised fasting blood sugar adjusted for sex associated with age groups. Early age of middle adulthood associated significantly with onset of diabetes (p<0.05), meaning being age 41-48 was associated with elevated fasting glucose [OR: 1.74; 95%CI; 0.35-3.24] compared to middle and later adulthood.

Conclusion: The prevalence of newly diagnosed diabetes including pre-diabetes was high. Age of 41-48 years was the peak phase for onset of diabetes from middle age in west Ethiopia. Therefore, educating community on early detection and healthy lifestyle adoption is crucial to prevent diabetes and it complications.